EduMaats Foundation

EduMaats Foundation is the Junction for all those Rails running for education directly or indirectly. Education is itself a non-ending process for the human of any corner of the Globe. From the lap of the mother, one starts learning unconsciously and realizes the need of an educator at ever moment of the life. EduMaats Foundation is the education mix to cater the need of an individual or of a group at one window on a click. It could be one’s requirement for an educator - teacher, trainer, tutor, counselor, coach, mentor, and preacher or in the form of an organization – school, institute, college, university, trust, society, and company.

Admission has become the time & money consuming very tiring process; Competitions is for limited quality people & at limited place; Information needs attention, a lot of attention with continuous up gradation; and after all one needs quality study materials, research papers, practical’s, model & sample papers, test series to follow the Goal.

Support, Suggestion and Stimulation are those tools which enhances Confidence, Concentration and Competitiveness to conquer the cowardice attitude and illicit behavior. Training & Counseling plays a great role in one’s Life shaping the Career, Culture and Commune. EduMaats Foundation has one for everyone at every moment of need. In association with Maats Consultants Pvt Ltd, it caters the basics of Life and nurtures the Young Entrepreneurs.


Perfect Home Tutor

PHT is a brain child of a visionary educator, which has been catering the need of Delhi/NCR students/parents/Schools/Institutions since 1998. It has proven record for its Excellency and Servicing Attitude. We helped thousands of parents to select the "Right Teachers" from our data bank of professionals to provide the students with that extra assistance which makes all the difference.

www.edumaats.com is a step ahead to cater the need of pan India with internet technology and search engine. The innovative attitude to provide the educators on a click with freedom of “selection of your choice” from our database. It is not only Home Tutors, but a complete Academic Service Provider of your need- Career, Motivation, Counseling, Training, Admission, Social Networking and Fun.

www.edumaats.com in association with M/s Maats Consultants Private Limited introduces Maats Value Referral Bonus Scheme (MVRBS) for the associates of Edumaats Foundation of pan India. MVRBS helps you generating professional fees by referring other peers & colleagues and to enjoy traveling, talking & social networking. Have a fun, learn and earn.


Maats Edudigest

It is a Career & Information guide for each one visiting our portal for a purpose, it could be students, teachers, parents, institutes, eduinfra developer, or one who is fulfilling their academic or non academic needs. Information and information are the motto, knowledge transformation via articles, blogs, notes, agendas, and many more to come.

www.maatsedudigest.com is for all STEPS - Students, Teachers/Trainers, Entrepreneurs/Experts, Parents/Principals and Schools to explore the talent, skill & knowledge by participating & expressing their views at one academic platform. Read more…