Dear Parents / Students.

Education is the need of everyone. The Quality education is the Dream of each parents as well as aspiring and laborious students. As the nature of teaching has been changing gradually & continuously, so our education system. The technology and IT plays a great role in today’s modern academic up-gradation. Today’s students have many more to do, they are smart generation and hi-tech. Even schools are becoming bag less and LED/LCD are replacing the blackboard/whiteboard. Parents became professionally busy and cannot manage the time for their kids, they are sometime even helpless with the new syllabus and changes.

Perfect Home Tutor, a reliable name in Tutoring Industry, spent its quality time understanding the nature of demand of students, parents, schools, teachers & institutions, and has come with wonderful services . All the aspects are carefully selected, and trying to bring Teachers, Tutors, Trainers, Counselors & Healers together.

A Personalized Approach, In Your Home, At Your Convenience
For more than 18 years, Perfect Home Tutor has been helping students to maximize their scores on their respective tests/exams. We bring a proven, personalized approach that suits each student. 
Our One-on-One, In-Home Tutoring model succeeds like no other. Our expert tutors come to your home, on your schedule. You can focus on studying in the comfort of your home and never deal with the stress and bother of transportation to sessions.

Needs Assessment & Caring Tutors
Perfect Home Tutor begins with a comprehensive assessment of your learning style. Tutors first interact to students and parents to come up with an honest appraisal of your natural strengths, approach to schoolwork, stress level, motivation, and learning style to customize the tutoring program. 
Perfect Home Tutors understand different learning styles and the importance of establishing a connection with you. That's why we match you with a patient and understanding tutor who will engage and motivate you, make the lessons fun, build confidence, and ultimately generate better grades.

Train the Trainers -
Perfect Home Tutors understand the importance of regular training for our tutors. We also understand that Tutors often feel isolated and sometimes require contact with other tutors to share learning activities and ideas. Regular, free and optional training sessions are held locally in order to develop home tutoring skills and to meet other home tutors. Our tutors appreciate the guidance.

  • Academic Subject Tutoring -
  • Information Based Training –
  • Emotion Based Training –
  • Attitude Based Training –
  • Skill Based Training –
  • Career Counseling -
  • Personal Counseling -
  • Admission Counseling -
  • Subconscious Mind Therapy -


    Dear Parents Please Note The Following -
  • Parents are advised to take the ID Proof from the Educator. Perfect Home Tutor/ Maats Consultants Pvt Ltd suggests to verify the identity of the Educators.
  • Inform all the suspended activities to the Perfect Home Tutor/ Maats Consultants Pvt Ltd about the Educator, otherwise the EMF/MCPL will not be responsible for any agony.
  • If any complain about the “Service.” Please inform immediately on Tel. No. +91-11- 2514 2244/2514 5544. or on mobile no. +91 9213881616
  • Payment to be made in advance by Cash / Cheque / DD / Bank Transfer to Maats Consultants Pvt Ltd. (Out Executive can assist you collecting Cash locally, in case of Cheque bounce Rs. 250/- will be charged extra as bounce deduction)
  • If you make payments to the Educators without the prior permission of EMF/MCPL; the responsibility for the particular payment is yours only.
  • EMF/MCPL always strives to serve YOU better, wiser and transparent.

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